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About our Chapter

Chapter Mission

IPAC Ottawa Region is a regional multidisciplinary professional association committed to the wellness and safety of Canadians by promoting best practice in infection prevention and control through education, standards, advocacy and consumer awareness. 

Chapter Vision

IPAC Ottawa Region will be a regional leader and recognized resource for the promotion of best practice in infection prevention and control.


  1. To provide a forum for professionals in infection prevention and control and other allied professionals, in healthcare to network and share ideas from the full continuum of healthcare (acute and long-term care, community and homecare).
  2. To share knowledge and expertise with healthcare workers to decrease the incidence of healthcare associated and community acquired infections.
  3. To advance professional excellence through continuing education.
  4. To enhance the practice of infection prevention and control (IPAC) by advocating for certification among chapter members.
  5. To foster research activities and support the publication of results by chapter members.
  6. To promote COR and its members as regional experts in IPAC.
  7. To promote/champion/further IPAC Canada as the national body of experts in IPAC.

Benefits of Joining IPAC OR:

  • Networking with colleagues who share your interests and concerns in the workplace
  • Problem-solving sessions are a component of each meeting
  • Education sessions are held at each meeting, covering current infection control issues
  • Annual regional conference is presented on "hot" topics
  • Educational bursaries are provided to members